Saturday, 14 September 2013


Right, I've decided to try and keep a blog. Bear with me for a while, I'm not used to these things really!

I'm a Leaving Certificate student in the West of Ireland. When I say West, I mean West, it's pretty much "Next stop America" from my front door!

I've called this blog "Single-Handed Techie" because that's more or less what I am. I have an upper limb deficiency, which, in plain English, means a short weird looking right hand. I'm OK with saying it like that, because I've had all my life to get used to it, but I'd never describe anyone else that way.

Right, if I'm a techie, I might as well give you guys a rough idea of what I've got, tech-wise. I've got a Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 7 (2013), and an Asus Transformer Pad. Yep, I'm a proper Android fan! That said, I've got an iPod (4th Gen) and a 6-year-old Dell Inspiron laptop. Yeah, I should probably think about upgrading that one!

Well, that's as good an introduction as I can think of, I might post again later today. Feel free to comment, if you want.

Till the next time :-)

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