Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Quiet Man's Take on Things

The quiet man is the one you won't see. He's the guy who gets more of the work done in a group. He's also typically the guy who can't see the point of all the talking people do, all the time.

But the quiet man sees more than you'd give him credit for, and knows more than he should, maybe.

Many of the most successful businessmen and leaders, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, J. Robert Oppenheimer, were all quiet men. That's because they weren't so preoccupied with their own egos that they couldn't see that other people were better suited to jobs or tasks. Plus, quiet men will listen to every side of a story or plan, and then decide what to do.

Quiet men work alone maybe a bit more than they should. That's probably because the people around them will either rely too much on them, or not pay them the slightest heed. In those situations, you're better off working on your own.

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