Sunday, 24 November 2013

Quick Review: Tapatalk 4

Chances are, at one point or another, you've had to read through a forum to try and get an answer or opinion on some question you want answered. If you post regularly in forums, especially on mobile devices, then you'll know that, very often, the experience of posting via the browser is pretty poor.

Enter Tapatalk, a forum reader for both Android and iOS. This nifty little app is fully optimised for phones and tablets (at least on Android), meaning that there's no shifting the page about to try and see what you're typing or reading.

Tapatalk for Android is currently at version 4, and sports a modern Cards UI look. I'm going to focus on the Android app for this, seeing as I don't use the iOS version at all.

I mostly use Tapatalk for the XDA-Developers forum, but I've got it up and running very easily with Android Central,  and a few other forums handy enough. One interesting thing to note, for Irish users, is that does not work with Tapatalk. You have to use the mobile site.

In practical use, the app is fast and responsive, with full support for attachments such as pictures. Very importantly, it supports the Thanks system found in many forums.

One small complaint I would have, is that it does not support signatures. If a user has an important link in his/her signature, you can't see it, leading to a bit of frustration. I don't expect to see signature support implemented in the future though, it goes against the look of the app, and besides, you can always use a computer if you're stuck.

There are nowhere near enough apps like this one in the Play Store. It has a modern UI, works well, and integrates with social media very well.

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