Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A few Honest Opinions

Right, this is a bit different from most of my usual blogging material. Someone in my year in school asked me to give an honest opinion about everyone in the year. So, that's what I'm going to do, although I'll name no one.

One thing I can honestly say about everyone in the year, is that they're always up for the craic, and they're all sound. So, always add that to whatever I say below.

There's this really loud one, who seems to really enjoy being the life and soul of any group.

Another one is always happy, with, as far as I can see, a really active social life.

There's one who's amazing at art, and a nice person to boot.

This one is a really hard worker, who's always good fun to be around.

One is probably one of the most genuine and generous people you'll ever meet, who also works really hard.

Naturally there's one who is slightly odd, but, I find, in a good way.

Another one is really practical, and he's also, to use the colloquial, "dead-on".

There's one who's really old-at-heart.

If you want something done, there's someone for that too. He's also really practical.

There's a quiet one, who's gotten a lot more outgoing over the past few years.

This one isn't always around, but when he is, certain classes are usually entertaining.

This one's always on about a specific subject, but he'd do anything for you.

There's one who is really good-natured. She's a real heart person.

This guy is hard-working, and he gets on great with the girls.

So, they're the personalities of my year. Really, I can't really think of many negatives about my year. There are so many different personalities that it just sort of works.

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